Skills training for permanent personal functioning in without full-time residence and at home for new clients (378 hours)

About the service

The 378-hour service is equivalent to 63 days, but it is non-overnight – no accommodation or meals are provided. Depending on the person’s life situation, this service will be convenient for those who want to combine rehabilitation with other activities such as study or work, or for those who live close to a branch of the Rehabilitation Centre. By signing up for the 378-hour service, the client can attend classes at the Rehabilitation Centre and all its branches. The 378 hours must be used within one year from the start of the service. If necessary, the service can also be received at home.

If necessary, one of these services – 63 days or 378 hours – can be received by first-time clients – persons who receive social rehabilitation services for the first time or persons who until 13 May 2016 have received only individual social rehabilitation services and have not received a package of social rehabilitation services.

Both services for first-time clients can be renewed if the severity of the visual impairment has changed to a more severe level (the disability group has changed or the client presents the relevant opinion of the attending physician).

Apply for the service:

You must complete the client’s application form to receive the service. The application form is available here.

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